Jim Bobrow JB Robotics IMU
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JB Robotics IMU JB Robotics IMU
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James E. Bobrow, PhD
is a Professor of Engineering
at UC Irvine.

Our product is an IMU (inertial measurement unit)
designed by Professor Bobrow.
It calculates roll, pitch,and yaw, and their time-derivatives.
Prof. Bobrow's IMU was created to be inexpensive and easy to use,
and it can be incorporated into Arduino microcontroller projects such
as Segway-like balancing personal robots, unmanned aerial vehicles,
and head-mounted gaming devices.

  1. Wheelie Car
  2. IMU to Python Interface

$24.99 and Free Shipping
within all US states and territories
The figure shows a yaw rotation
about the z axis (pointing down),
a pitch rotation about the y axis,
and a roll about the x axis.
Euler angles in degrees
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